• Statement of Intent

    Art has always been my easiest means of expression and dissection. I take my cue from the old masters such as Caravaggio, particularly by showing the play of light and shadow over forms. However, my art is not only about what is depicted but also what is not. What lies beneath the masks? What comes from the outside to make the image? Why this feeling? My paintings ask the question why in every way possible, in every context. Why this position? Why this color? Why this space? These are my clues to the asking, not the answer. I am inspired mostly by elegance and ugliness. These things set my mind spinning to no end. A feeling or a short glimpse, a fraction of a thought, will lead me to a mask, a pose or a composition. They let my mind unlock what it wants to capture.

    I sit every day and slash away at my work to understand, not just what I am making, but everything: light, emotion, architecture, love, darkness, people, construction of the organic and synthetic, life, landscape, hate… Painting for me is philosophizing on existence, breaking it down and building it back up. I think that is why I can push through the work process to create art.

    I live in Brooklyn. New York is a scary, supercharged place where beautiful discoveries happen constantly and people are fueled to create. It feeds me; it does not let my mind rest for a moment. New York is like my art, always bending my mind back to it, greedy for my immediate consideration. It is asking always while insisting on capturing my attention. I paint because the beauty of this place makes me, and so I am content.