• Statement of Intent

    Creating is an avenue of contemplation. Through painting, I explore my consciousness, aesthetics, and emptiness. Like Caravaggio, I use light as expression. Shadows and deep colors create an interplay of form that brings the eye into sharp focus. My paintings aim to reveal and mask simultaneously. They are about secrets, emotions and held breaths. What is seen is as important as what is unseen.

    Painting is philosophizing on existence, breaking it down and building it back up. The works are created in phases: expression, dissection, and imagination. The first two stages are focused on what is depicted and what is not. The third phase asks and divulges through the interplay of paint, building subtle layers of verisimilitude. Through painting, I aim to show explore the physical and mental facets of being.

    My art, always bending my mind back to it, is forever greedy for my immediate consideration. It is asking always while insisting on capturing my attention. I paint because the beauty of now makes me.